Use our WorkFlowWise CORE platform to build apps for internal and external customers.

Speed to market

Speed to market

In a world of increasing digital disruption, business and IT leaders are constantly looking for new ways to create value and maximize business outcomes. They need to act fast. With our WorkFlowWise CORE platform and application building blocks new or updated business applications can be developed and deployed faster than ever.

Speed to market

Business outcomes

We value business performance as well as technology solutions. Technology is increasingly ubiquitous and readily available. What makes WorkFlowWise different, is our approach to how the technology can be used with clear business outcomes in mind.

Speed to market

Cloud first

Deliver your application to your end customers in the cloud: out of the box, fully secured, multi-tenant and available on any web browser or a mobile device without any additional effort.

Easily import and export applications from one environment to another.

Build your own workflow applications. Unlock your digital advantage.

You understand and have defined your customer needs. You now need to deliver a standard application or custom solution quickly and cost-effectively. Use our WorkFlowWise CORE platform and building blocks to achieve a really quick time to market. Demonstrate the value you can create for your customers by improving their business outcomes. And rest assured that we have factored in the essential components you expect such as authentication, look-and-feel, user experience and Cloud infrastructure.

Whether you are supporting internal users or your customers and their end customers, the applications you can build on the WorkFlowWise CORE platform deliver digital advantage and better business performance.

Use the building blocks of our application-Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS), WorkFlowWise CORE to significantly speed up your development process. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can build and deploy your app. And your customers will be delighted to reap the business benefits and experience better business performance.

The building blocks of WorkFlowWise CORE:

Design data structure and verification using our table designer.

Dramatically increase reliability and development speed with the table designer.

Create and modify your own data structure with all the validations, checks and balances of Microsoft Azure SQL. Set up rules to determine how different transactions influence each other. We will make sure that these rules are respected by the users of your application. This feature dramatically increases reliability and development speed.

For example, think about the relationships among budgets, contracts, purchase orders and invoices. All are interconnected and influence each other. Set up the linking structure once, and let the app enforce these rules for you.

Structure and automate workflows with the graphical workflow designer.

Structure and automate workflows, no matter how complex.

The graphical workflow designer helps you structure and automate workflows, no matter how complex. In a few clicks, you set up a process with all its logic. Our workflow engine will guide, protect and facilitate your end users.

Processes can start sub-processes. People in or outside the organization can complete any action. A software robot can perform any recurring tasks; never losing focus and always on duty. So your people can be free to focus on applying their creative minds and expertise on adding value to the business.

Build the ultimate user experience with our user interface designer.

Build the ultimate user experience with our user-interface designer.

Show or hide data based on the roles and steps in a workflow. Enforce business rules. Re-calculate data fields when one user changes another. Even add your own buttons to take specific actions in a data form.

We have invested time and effort to create the ideal data-entry form and flow for your users. You define the business logic. We deliver the look and feel for the ultimate user experience.

Implement automated checks and procedures with the scripting engine.

Implement powerful scripts that will bring benefits to the business with the scripting engine.

Throughout the design environment, we offer hooks where you can call up scripts to change and verify data or act. Use simple CoffeeScript, which automatically compiles as JavaScript, to easily access CORE platform actions such as sending an email and our object-oriented data model. A task like approving a transaction and then emailing a dynamically generated report to a customer only requires a one-line script. Even tech-savvy consultants will be able to implement powerful scripts that will bring benefits to the business.

Design reports with our reporting tool.

Create reports easily with our reporting tool.

Design clear reports and graphs to gain insight from the data in your workflows. Use traditional formats or add graphs and diagrams. For example, create a report on performance data to show progress on your KPIs. Then present the information in a graph on the application dashboard.

Set-up interface streams to exchange data with existing systems.

Send and retrieve data with other systems.

No task-driven application runs in isolation. Apps must be able to send and retrieve data with other systems. To integrate WorkFlowWise workflows with your existing in-house systems, you just set up data streams in the forms and formats that your processes use. Our scheduling engine will take care of the timely execution and transfer of this data and inform the interface owner of the results.

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The basics are covered; start with adding business logic

By using our APaaS to build your process driven application, you can immediately start adding the business logic without having to worry about setting up all the basics. All basic and essential building blocks for a regular line of business application are available out of the box;

Basic (C)RM

The platform includes (customer) relation management to store the essential information about the organizations you interact with; customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our organization cockpit provides an easy-to-use starting point for communicating with your customers and suppliers by providing insight into all linked documents and interactions in a central location.

Basic document management

Store any kind of document, whether generated by data retrieved from the app or uploaded into it. You can do this securely with encryption, versioning and archiving if needed. We’ll make sure you will be able to find them again, quickly and easily.

User interface and user experience

We invested large amounts of time and effort to create the ultimate user interface. So all our GO and FLEX apps offer a user-friendly experience. Even if you mix off-the-shelf GO apps with custom FLEX and CORE apps, your users enjoy a seamless interface throughout the environment. The dashboard, worklist, transaction archive, and reports will always have a familiar look and feel for the end customer.

Mobile app and API

Offer everything you build in your WorkFlowWise CORE app to your mobile end users. Use our mobile app to support them, or take our mobile API and build your own mobile applications. It allows you to interact with the workflow engine, retrieve information for organizations and directly show the news feed.

Our API is also compatible with the Microsoft PowerApps platform in Microsoft Office 365. This Microsoft platform enables business users to build end-user apps without any real development skills.

Cloud deployment and hosting

Powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. We provide multi-tenant, multi-instance and multi-company deployment in local data centers around the world. Building on the secure, reliable and geo-redundant Cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure ensures that your end users can have peace of mind. It is the most certified and protected infrastructure publicly available. With the extensive experience Microsoft has in this area and an ‘assume breach’ strategy, Microsoft has setup a global incident response team to proactively mitigate the effects of any attack on their Cloud infrastructure. Read more about Microsoft security.

Backup and storage

Also powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. We provide redundant storage in geographically separate locations to protect your data. Microsoft built full backup into the Azure SQL Database app we use to structure information. Your internal data could not be more secure.

Security and user management

Beyond the security controls in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure SQL Database, we created our own layers of protection to keep your workflows and data safe. 

To validate your users, choose among our internal user validation, user import from your local directory, or integrated security via Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

To see an overall overview of Microsoft’s commitment to a secure, reliable and trustworthy Cloud infrastructure, visit the Microsoft Trust Center.


Build applications for yourself

You are an executive in a business or other organization. Your development team can automate business workflows and achieve better business outcomes with WorkFlowWise CORE.

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Build applications for others

You are an IT services provider. Your development team can use WorkFlowWise CORE to build workflow applications for your customers.

Our partner model enables you to use our platform to grow your recurring-revenue stream.

If you build a standard GO app, we’ll feature it on our website as a partner application and even allow you to resell them to the complete community of WorkFlowWise customers via our GO Apps-marketplace.

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