WorkFlowWise introduces suite of workflow apps and solutions

WorkFlowWise introduces comprehensive workflow portfolio

In parallel, it is changing its name to WorkFlowWise to reflect its extended offering of smart and cost-effective cloud-based workflow apps and solutions, which allow customers to unlock value from any type of recurring transactional workflow within a business, from business to business, or from business to government.

“In recent years, we began to see distinctively different customer needs,” says Harm Poelen, WorkFlowWise CEO. “Some wanted off-the-shelf standardized apps for their everyday transactional processes to improve operational efficiency. Others wanted fully customized solutions specific to their industry or business to create new opportunities and value. We can now respond to these and other needs, as we enable companies to unlock their digital advantage and generate sustained growth and success.”

The any-device, any-browser-based solutions enable back-office burdens to become effective business processes that unlock new opportunities. They can speed up processing, reduce manual interventions, mitigate risk, decrease costs and become a precious resource for activity that adds value to a business. They work seamlessly alongside existing in-house systems and are easy to build, adapt, maintain, change and extend.

The WorkFlowWise portfolio includes:

WorkFlowWise GO – ready-made, ready-to-use apps for everyday business processes

WorkFlowWise FLEX – a customized approach that is built for and/or with a customer

WorkFlowWise CORE – the underlying application-Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) that also allows third-party app development.

WorkFlowWise chose Microsoft Azure to develop its solutions because of Microsoft's leadership in PaaS, scalable   and reliable IaaS foundation and components such as SQL database, storage as well as a range of web and micro services.

“Microsoft has put customer digital transformation at the heart of its strategy” says Jeroen Unger, ISV and Startup Team Lead, Microsoft Netherlands, who has worked with Harm and his team for several years. “The WorkFlowWise brand promise of ‘digital advantage’ aligns well with us strategically and I see the change in name and the evolution of their offering as reflective of a company with bold ambitions to be part of this digital journey with us on Microsoft Azure.”

About WorkFlowWise

WorkFlowWise works with companies to unlock their digital advantage. Its cloud-based workflow apps and solutions become a key to success. They combine operational efficiency with business outcomes.

Taking workflow automation to a new level, delivers a digital edge that drives growth. WorkFlowWise provides ready-to-use enterprise apps as well as tailor-made solutions. Its solutions are quick to develop and implement; easy to integrate and use; straightforward to manage and change; and they can extend throughout a transactional business process to create customer intimacy and engagement.

Established in the Netherlands in 1996, WorkFlowWise today builds on a strong heritage of developing and implementing hosted workflow automation solutions for the Purchase to Pay process. With a focus on the evolving needs of companies in the 21st Century, WorkFlowWise knows how to take advantage of leading-edge cloud technologies for any type of transactional business process.

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