replaces Basware P2P solution with WorkFlowWise Spend Management chooses WorkFlowWise Spend Management

“Traditional invoice processing is no longer sufficient for an organization like The company operates in a fast, dynamic market and this requires highly specialized processes and functions. With our own low-code platform as the foundation for Spend Management, we can build such functions at lightning speed and make them operational, ”says Ruben van der Leer, Business Development Manager at WorkFlowWise.

Arjan Groen, project lead at, confirms this: “During the commercial process, while in the midst of an intensive Proof of Concept, WorkFlowWise has demonstrated that it is able to build completely new functionalities, ready for use, within two weeks. We had never seen that before and it was one of the factors that won them the deal. The project has been underway for several months now and we are confident that we will be live before the deadline. ”


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