Corendon Travel & WorkFlowWise: "A win-win situation"

Corendon Travel & WorkFlowWise

"The growth of Corendon Travel forced us to think about an efficiency drive in our administrative processes," says La Haye. Where the company transported 610,000 passengers in the past year, there will be no less than 735,000 in the coming year. The growth was also characterized by the expansion of office locations. Invoices thus arrived at various locations, both by post and email, and were then quickly lost or forgotten.

At the bottom of the pile

La Haye: "Experience shows that a parcel with invoices often lands on a large pile on the desk of the person responsible for the authorization. Only when a reminder comes in are invoices retrieved, but often it turns out that the package has been lost and a copy of the relevant invoice has to be requested. This results in unnecessary extra work and irritations."

Grip on the administration

Since the invoicing process has been automated with the functionalities of GO-Spend, this is a thing of the past. Invoices that are uploaded are now being processed instantly, send to AFAS and simultaneously send to the approver. After the final approval GO-Spend releases the payment in AFAS, where the payment will be made. “The big advantage of digitally saving invoices and logging activities is that we now have continuous control of our administrative obligations - whether or not an invoice has already been approved. In addition, with GO-Spend it is easy to check at which step in the authorization process it is and with who.”

Smooth communication

This end-to-end control is a relief for Corendon Travel. Within a few weeks, the benefits were visible and the staff started to see the added value of the transition. When a supplier calls, there is no need to plow a stack of paper or to request an invoice again. “Many employees were convinced, certainly after the transition from Silverlight to HTML5. Approval could previously take up to 15 seconds per invoice, but it’s up to the expected speed now.”

Expansion of flows

Corendon Travel and WorkFlowWise are now investigating whether other approval processes, such as purchase orders and payment lists from the customer service, can also be automated with WorkFlowWise. “Now that the growth of the company is proportional to the growth of administrative possibilities, it provides us with a clear economies of scale. Despite the large increase in the number of passengers we transport, we only need one additional administrative employee. We consider this a win-win situation.”


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