GDPR compliance with WorkFlowWise in 2018

When organizations discover a data leak next year, they can no longer pretend it didn’t happen without losing their heads. On 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation will take effect throughout Europe, replacing an old and fragmented European privacy policy. The most important change for organizations is the shift in accountability. To meet these and other duties and to avoid the high fines WorkFlowWise is working on a solution.

Organizations must be able to demonstrate that appropriate measures have been taken to comply with the GDPR. That seems simple, but what obligations an organization has to meet is situation-dependent. It is therefore important to understand what exactly needs to happen before May 2018.

The GDPR vision of WorkFlowWise

WorkFlowWise automates any type of work unique workflow. That's why our application platform is the ideal tool to build an application that provides companies with an automated process that is GDPR compliant. An additional reason may be the hefty fines in case of an offense.

Meanwhile, numerous books have also been published, courses are given and specialists can be hired. It is extremely important to get that knowledge into the business. But in the end, it is essential that the organization can act immediately as soon as it is necessary without this knowledge hidden somewhere in the organization or in the heads of former employees.

An application, irrespective of organizational changes, automatically distributes vital information and tasks to the relevant stakeholder at the right time. It’s not necessary for anyone in the organization to keep track of the commitments manually. Because when a data leak happens there are other challenges that require focus. Let’s keep GDPR compliancy simple.

Smart automation

In an era of increasing digitization, companies are looking beyond operational efficiency to ways in which automation and robotization can be harnessed for business value and growth. From one-size-fits-all for everyday recurring transactional processes, to totally bespoke for essential workflows that are unique to a specific business need or proposition.

Our ambition is to unlock and create a digital advantage that delivers sustainable business differentiation and success for our partners and customers.

In the coming period, we are looking for more organizations that are interested in co-creating such an application. We expect to launch the GDPR app in the first quarter of 2018.

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