International Bootcamp 2018 - Rome Edition

It is that time of year when our entire company comes together to talk about strategies, plans, and other company stuff. This time there was an app building contest as well and we built an epic tower with strings. It sounds like hard work, especially because we call it a bootcamp, but it isn't really.

Traditional team building doesn't work. So we do it our way. Combining team building with team training, a nice location, good food and company, it is a moment to relax and detox from a year of hard work. And Rome is the ideal location that offers something special for everyone.

2018 Bootcamp Rome - WorkFlowWise

This is the city where all roads lead to.

Besides the incredible sights and icecream, arguably the highlights of the week were an app building contest and the introduction of an entirely new product by the newly created Innovation Team.

The app building contest was as competitive as ever. Before revealing the assignment, each team leader needed to select his or her super star group. When the teams were formed they were given one hour to read up on the assignment and ask pressing questions to the fictive "customer" by email. The next day each team had only four hours to create, test and optimize their app, as well as create a winning presentation for the customer.

We won't reveal the product that was created by the winning team yet. Follow our blog if you are curious.

2018 Bootcamp Rome - WorkFlowWise app building contest

All the faces in competitive mode for the app building contest.

During the bootcamp there was also a big reveal by the Innovation Team. A new and very secretive team within WorkFlowWise that builds new products and services, operating outside the traditional company structure. This cross-departmental group works out unique ideas that are not part of the normal road map.

The first product that was introduced by the Innovation Team will be revealed through this blog in a couple of weeks. We are currently in the implementation  phase with our launching customer. The entire project was kept a secret until the bootcamp, nobody outside the team knew about the project. Even the launching customer, a multinational organization, kept it on the lowdown. It made the impact of the reveal even bigger.

And for the same reason, we will not spill the beans here until the official introduction.

WorkFlowWise Innovation Team logo

Because any proper introduction needs a cool video bumper.

All in all, it was an exciting few days. We'll be sharing more information about the winning app and the new product in the next couple of weeks.

Though perhaps most notably about this years bootcamp in Rome is that, as far as I know, nobody ate even a single slice of pizza.

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