Realize 500% more revenue growth than your competitors

A few things to consider first

Back in 2011, at the time of the WSJ statement, going digital could hardly be considered a buzz term. More than 2 billion people worldwide had access to the internet, of which a massive 845 million used Facebook. The internet had already become a basic need for an entire generation that had never known a time without it.

But while consumers fluently embraced paperless communication years ago, many companies today still find it difficult to go full-on digital. A three-year study by McKinsey found that B2B companies trail consumer companies by a large margin when it comes to their overall digital maturity.

Perhaps more shocking is the revenue growth that B2B digital leaders achieve compared to their peers: Five times more revenue to be exact. Yes, that’s 500% more growth than your organization if it hasn’t adapted to the new reality yet.

So now that you know the advantage of going digital, let’s define the path to get there.

Digital Advantage. Defined.

The first and most important step toward digitalizing the organization is acknowledging that there is room for improvement – Because there always is. You can hire a consultancy firm to develop a benchmark report, or look at how industry leaders do it. The problem here is that the results are not catered to your specific situation and way of work.

Looking at digitalization, it mostly influences how we operate in day-to-day business. The way things are done within organizations is shaped by the organizational processes. So business process reengineering and optimization is where to start. The easiest way to map potential improvements is to look at every organizational process and mark all the recurring tasks. If the task is physical, ask yourself why it isn’t digital.

The first step takes the most courage

Unique workflows are often the most important to you, yet the hardest to automate. With no standard applications available, complete customization takes time and resources. These workflows are typically paper-based, with all the associated hassle. Our mission is to work with you to find, unlock and create a digital advantage that generates more success for your business. That’s why the first consultancy day is free of charge; we first need to define the possibilities.

Going back to Satya Nadella’s comments, here is an easy 1-2-3:

  1. Get everyone involved; doing this afterwards only makes it harder to implement change.
  2. Map the potential of going digital.
  3. Go digital.

The first step is the hardest. We do the rest.

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