Our story – a journey from idea to vision to reality

How WorkFlowWise came to be

Our founding focus

When we founded 20/20 vision Software in 1997 we focused on back-office processes linked to internal Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) workflows which were becoming increasingly important at the time because generic workflow applications were gaining more and more traction and organizations were striving for best of class operational efficiency.

Several years later, I was working on a project where we looked at extending our workflow engine to support customer-facing processes. Although that project didn’t materialize in the end, it was the spark of an idea that translated into a future ambition for 20/20: to extend our thinking, scope and capabilities to involve the end customer.

Exploring new horizons

Then came the Cloud, which opened-up those possibilities. When we realized that our on-premise architecture would not be able to support customers in the Cloud, we made the decision to rebuild our software from scratch. I wanted to benefit from what the Cloud promised. I envisioned a much more flexible platform. One that would offer a whole new breed of workflow applications that could be built on top of our environment. A platform that would create a competitive edge for our customers by giving them a huge digital advantage.

Delivering new capabilities

Not only did we build this flexible application building platform, we also proved its capabilities and potential by rebuilding our P2P application which we called 20/20 Xspend. Over the course of 2015 and 2016, several of our forward-thinking customers transitioned to this cloud-based offering and we attracted a series of new customers too.  We look back on the launch and successful implementations (and happy customers) with a great deal of pride.

Next was to go beyond our P2P focus to develop customer specific applications and to bring to life the idea I’d had all those years ago. We delivered several such projects. For CBRE we implemented a solution for the customer-oriented procurement process of their real-estate projects. CBRE customers are now part of the approval cycle for project-related purchases and budget changes. We then worked with a FinTech startup, Indupay, to automate their tri-party contract tracking and invoice control process. We are now extending their solution to manage their customer SEPA Direct Debits for them.

We delivered a tangible digital advantage for both these customers.

With the new platform in place, the first P2P and custom projects successfully delivered, and many more ideas for combining our considerable expertise in workflow automation with our new and powerful platform using leading-edge technologies, we felt it was time to rebuild our brand.

Creating a new name and brand

We wanted a brand identity that clearly explains our offering, underwrites our ability to efficiently support back-office processes through standard applications and which also supports our ambition to create custom solutions for processes unique to our customers. A brand that would convey our ability and ambition to offer a transformative capability through our cloud-based application-Platform-as-a-Service, now and in the future.

Welcome to WorkFlowWise!

In a nutshell, our goal is to work with companies to unlock their digital advantage. Our cloud-based workflow apps and solutions become a key to success. They combine operational efficiency with business outcomes.

We take workflow automation to a new level to deliver a digital edge that drives growth. We provide ready-to-use enterprise apps as well as tailor-made solutions. Our solutions are quick to develop and implement; easy to integrate and use; straightforward to manage and change; and they can extend throughout a transactional business process to create customer intimacy and engagement.

Digital Advantage. Achieved.

Opening up new opportunities for those who already know us

For our existing customers: We hope that you share our excitement for this next stage in our journey together. You have already experienced the value we offered as 20/20 vision, and now you can get even more from us as WorkFlowWise. Whether through our easy-to-customize purchase-to-pay application or from custom solutions that we can develop with you (or for you) to improve your business outcomes.

Experience the proof of our promise in our renewed P2P-application which we now call GO-Spend. For instance, we have now formalized period closing accrual and contract renewal using a separate process. This offers clarity and transparency with a clear audit trail. These types of enhancements are now made easy thanks to the WorkFlowWise platform.

In short, we are excited about what we have developed and what we are creating. We remain focused and passionate about making back-office burdens business opportunities. And we are committed to continuing to provide you with the digital advantage you have come to expect from us as a valued customer.

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