Introduction: Ruben van der Leer

Nieuwe werknemer bij WorkFlowWise Tarik Fahlane

I’d like to take this opportunity and (re)introduce myself as a WorkFlowWise colleague. I’ve worked in sales for the company from 2011 to 2014. After that I left to expand my horizon.

Ruben SterreFor those of you that don’t know me: My name is Ruben van der Leer, I’m 36 years old and I live with my girlfriend and lovely two-year-old daughter in Barendrecht (next to Rotterdam), the Netherlands.  I’ve returned to WorkFlowWise because I couldn’t resist the beautiful new version of WorkFlowWise GO-Spend and the great perspective that the FLEX solution brings. Also, and this is equally important, I’ve always loved working here. The atmosphere and the people are great. I’ve noticed this hasn’t changed.

Ruben tegenbegrotingI’m also involved in politics. I’ve got a seat in the Barendrecht city council for the local party EVB (Echt voor Barendrecht) with a focus on public order and safety. I find the difference in dynamic between business and politics very interesting and enriching.

During my new term at WorkFlowWise I’ll focus on selling our GO-Spend application as well as strengthening the position of our FLEX platform.

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