Lights out! Touchless accounting

Lights out! Touchless accounting

Touchless accounting

Do you work with orders and receipts and do you have to deal with piles of (digital) invoices on a daily basis? Think about the number of consecutive actions are required from a person to handle one invoice. How many of those actions are recurring, error-prone, and related to checking or updating data?

How essential are these actions, are there no duplicate and therefore unnecessary checks, and isn't it more efficient if people only need check the outliers?

That's a lot of questions. So let's move on to some answers.


We've written extensively about the benefits of our OCR-as-a-Service: Industrial grade capture that imports, recognizes and transfers your invoices, so you don't have to. Thanks to automatic invoice matching, WorkFlowWise GO-Spend then ensures that robots take care of coding and matching invoices, without the need for human eyes to double check them. The result: fully matched, coded and approved invoices, ready to be processed in your administration.

Letting go 

The only thing that you and your employees have to do? Let it go. Trust the application and make optimal use of the time that's saved for other activities that humans are better at than computers. That might be a big step, letting go, but it will give you a great deal of efficiency.

Shift work 

Because we can guarantee that the robot is error-free, the focus and core business of a number of employees, for example, might be shifted. The substantive activities of administrators, can shift from executive to controlling, and for an entire department the work process of invoice processing is being substantially adjusted.

Work will focus much more on maintaining overview of the process and managing outages, mismatches and deviations. With the extra time available thanks to touchless accounting, your colleagues can work more accurately, more directly anticipate deviations and feel relieved from the data-entry burden on their shoulders.


Rest assured: of course you don't have to let go. The GO-Spend robots ensure that every single operation, task and change is accurately logged. You can see the robot's work list at any time to check the status of processes and see exactly which steps have been taken to get there. And what is going to happen still.

GO-Spend is anything but a black box. It is an assistance that doesn't eat or sleep and always makes the right decision.


Learn more about invoice matching

✔️ Automate invoice matching
✔️ Minimize manual handling
✔️ Book more invoices in less time

Invoice matching is where all aspects of invoice processing come together. The robot can link payment rules to budgets and contracts, but also receipts and purchase orders. In this way you can book automatically with 100% certainty. This minimizes errors and greatly speeds up the entire process.

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