Robotic Accounting - Accounting in the 21st Century

Automation has a long history, much longer than you would expect in fact. In the 3rd century B.C., Chinese philosophers already hypothesized mechanical aids. The first robotics was even functional during the late Middle Ages, but the real revolution is happening now.

Robotics is about to become intelligent.

The robot replaces an increasing amount of activities normally done by humans. The purpose of robotic accounting is a posted invoice without the help of a human accounts payable clerk. This has three advantages:

  1. You need less people for the same amount of work;
  2. A robot makes no mistakes;
  3. There is more time for analysis.

That’s all good, but how does this benefit you as a Financial? Simple. In addition to less repetitive work, there is more time for controlling and reporting, which results in a higher added value for the business. You become a true partner to the business.

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Thanks to the rise of the Cloud, exciting new technologies make our lives easier. Robotic Accounting takes out the mundane, repetitive tasks, so that your employees can start to add more value to the business.

Wonder how this works? We've detailed the entire process in our free Robotic Accounting white paper.

Robotic Accounting white paper
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