The exciting future of purchase-to-pay

The exciting future of purchase-to-pay.

2017 is underway in full force. Big changes await our business and in the following blog I share with you my vision of this exciting year.

What I mean by exciting? Change is indeed timeless. And yet, it will be a fascinating year for the purchase-to -pay market. The how and why I will share in this this and future blogs. But first the expectations and developments that we observe for this year.

Purchase-to-pay developments in 2017

On top of the market we see the first projects that replace previously deployed solutions with second – and sometimes third – generation solutions. Adoption rates among the middle and lower segments is growing, but it will take time before they catch up.

So there is increasing talk of new projects within organization for who automated invoicing and purchase-to-pay (P2P) is not new. This in combination with standardizations of implementations makes the market more mature. Getting started is increasingly simple and within reach.

This is especially true for organization that already work with their financial system as a service via the cloud. Connecting a cloud P2P application to such financial systems makes deployment and adoption easier and will help to continue the accelerated adoption by SMEs.

But if it is so much easier, than the difference between providers of P2P applications becomes blurry making it even more difficult to choose the right party. That's why we work hard on a new proposition and positioning that will simplify this choice again.

Focus on the strength of WorkFlowWise

WorkFlowWise has employed a growth strategy focused on the endless possibilities of the cloud years ago. In 2017 will be the culmination of this strategy, showing existing and future customers that choosing WorkFlowWise is choosing a unique, valuable, and different solution.

Unique because we have not observed anyone else in the market doing a similar thing. Valuable because we will be able to even better connect the WorkFlowWise solution to your needs. Different because we approach the possibilities differently by giving you the opportunity to get to know our new workflow automation risk free.

For years, a large part of our driving force was to create a best new colleague feeling. With our cloud platform we will definitely deliver on this promise and develop it further together with you, our customer.

And we will certainly achieve this with our existing P2P customers. Build on our own cloud platform, we have now realized two P2P applications – for large and small organization – including an effortless transition for our current customers; two separate applications that reflect the specific needs for both types of company.

We have also created several other standard applications that further simplify your internal organization and increase efficiency;

  1. An application to help create checklists and execute automatically
  2. A application that makes transitory booking for the monthly closing more flexible and adaptable
  3. We have even worked with a customer of the first hour to automate their SEPA direct debit process

All of them applications that have been created by listening to the needs of our existing customers. A recipe that we will repeat frequently in 2017 and subsequent years to build applications that add real value to your (administrative) environment.

Merely the tip of the veil

With this I conclude this blog post and in any case do promise you that I will continue to inform through this medium in the coming months; on a number of very important changes within our organization. Changes – that I can’t elaborate on just yet – that create a positive energy internally and what we as an organization look forward to! Changes that add value and sustainability to our organization and the industry as a whole.


To be continued…

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