Workflows in the cloud: beneficial and reliable

Workflows in the cloud.

Expectations are high when workflows are automated, and perhaps rightly so. The time that processes take is shortened, risks are mitigated and the ROI starts ticking. From that point, you can start thinking about the further benefits that can be derived from the automated processes. When the data is installed on-premise – on local servers – the move to the cloud can save a lot of money and time.

More storage space

If the storage and management of data are outsourced, and a company no longer needs to look at the infrastructure itself, everyone has room to focus on his or her core business. That space can even be interpreted literally because no office space needs to be sacrificed anymore for local servers. Expanding storage space is therefore much easier in the cloud: you do not have to buy new servers yourself.

Past the threshold

We understand that letting go is difficult. While getting rid of the servers isn’t the most pressing decision to be made, entrusting your data management to another party probably is. You might wonder if this doesn’t influence your control of the data? The answer from WorkFlowWise is clear: no. WorkFlowWise CORE is, in fact, an aPaaS platform built on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Microsoft has invested heavily in safeguards and certifications to keep their infrastructure as secure as possible. Measures range from identity security, proactive firewalls, and database backup to anti-malware that guards against threats like DDoS attacks. In addition to the security Microsoft provides, we created our own layers of protection to keep your information safe. More on that here.

Outsourcing of server maintenance can also be left to a reliable partner with confidence. Again, there are many advantages: with (planned) releases the underlying database is updated without affecting your apps. Moreover, there is no need for a local update. Everything can be solved over-the-air (known as OTA programming or updating).

Online everywhere

In the cloud, you can work with real-time data. As a manager you are therefore on top of the facts: you have access to the most up-to-date information at all times and. That is decision-making with confidence. This is also ideal for employees: they can work anywhere in the world and continue to work while traveling. The cloud is a single source of truth: the data that is stored only exists once and is not copied anywhere else to other servers. Pure information.

Most important: you remain the owner of your data and no one else. Outsourcing is different from losing control.

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