WorkFlowWise introduces new look and feel with new release based on HTML5

WorkFlowWise new look and feel

The new release is written in HTML5 and therefore works in all major internet browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge – while guaranteeing full functionality on tablet and mobile. The screen resolution automatically determines how the application is displayed.

HTML5 not only offers scalability. Users experience a lightning fast environment that is not bound to Internet Explorer as a browser or a separate application on the PC. This makes the software easier to access, more user-friendly and it looks much better.



Workflow apps on the platform are unaltered, but the look and feel is greatly enhanced.

All existing WorkFlowWise apps and solutions are now available in the new look and feel, supported by the modern possibilities of HTML5.

A digital advantage is achieved with the introduction of HTML5 as the new underlying technology for the application platform. And exactly that is the WorkFlowWise promise to customers: workflow automation that combines efficiency and business outcomes. WorkFlowWise is ready for the future.

About WorkFlowWise

WorkFlowWise works with companies to unlock their digital advantage. Its cloud-based workflow apps and solutions become a key to success. They combine operational efficiency with business outcomes.

Taking workflow automation to a new level delivers a digital edge that drives growth. WorkFlowWise provides ready-to-use enterprise apps as well as tailor-made solutions. Its solutions are quick to develop and implement; easy to integrate and use; straightforward to manage and change; and they can extend throughout a transactional business process to create customer intimacy and engagement.

Established in the Netherlands in 1997, WorkFlowWise today builds on a strong heritage of developing and implementing hosted workflow automation solutions for the Purchase to Pay process. With a focus on the evolving needs of companies in the 21st century, WorkFlowWise knows how to take advantage of leading-edge cloud technologies for any type of transactional business process.

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