WorkFlowWise celebrates first birthday with a bang

We have been automating the business processes of hundreds of companies in many industries and sectors for more than 20 years. In the same period, the possibilities of automation have been expanded in an unprecedented way. That is why research and development is of great importance for the quality of our service and products.

A distinctive character

Central to our first year was the introduction of WorkFlowWise CORE, the application platform as a service (or aPaaS) for the digitization of business processes. The reception of the platform was extremely positive, but its further development is a continuous effort.

Smart software does not determine the distinctive ability of a company. Because even in an automated world, successes are achieved by the way in which the company uses the available resources.

By working with the ready-made and flexible workflow solutions of WorkFlowWise, existing systems are linked together and the workflow takes over recurring, transactional tasks. This frees up a lot of time for the employees, who can deal with more valuable tasks than keeping track of processes.

We call this a digital advantage. And with that, your company creates a distinctive character in relation to the market.

Successful implementation

A great deal of implementations was realized in 2017. Since the introduction of our cloud product, more than 20 existing on-premise customers made the transition. The recognize the major advantages of working in the cloud.

Among the new customers are a number of large international companies. Together we share the belief that software must be versatile and ready for any kind of use. From one-size-fits-all for everyday business processes, to tailor-made solutions for essential workflows that are unique to an organization or proposition.

Unique partnership with Microsoft

The CORE platform is integrated with Microsoft Azure. It means that, with the guarantee of Microsoft, we have created a good and reliable foundation that can be developed carefree.

However, the partnership with Microsoft goes further. Together we investigate the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning with regard to automating and digitizing workflows. An invisible process at the front, but very important developments for the sustainability of the platform.

Let’s celebrate with a present

Finally, we celebrate our birthday with one of the biggest software updates to date. Where the platform is still largely running on Silverlight, the new HTML5 environment is ready for use from 23 April.


Thanks to the way our software house is set up, the operation of all existing applications remains unaffected. However, you now have a completely new look & feel and you enjoy the speed of HTML5. In short: We are ready for the future and a new, exciting year.

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