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See the status of the actual, current budget at any time. Increase cost awareness in your organization by showing the available budget at the time your budget owners approve purchases.


Create budgets and decide based on real-time information

You can create budgets by entering them directly in GO-Spend, importing them as Excel files, or importing them from your ERP system.

When reviewing contracts, purchase orders or invoices, your budget owners immediately see the impact on the budget. With real-time information, they can make informed decisions to approve or decline, and avoid over-spending.


Up-to-date visibility of the available budget

Once you make a commitment, GO-Spend reserves it in the budget. It deducts approved orders, contracts, invoices, and payments already made from the available budget.

You can always see the status of your budget in real time. Not just at the end of a period in a report, but with every transaction you review.


Easily create budget reports and raise cost awareness.

To check your budget status, simply go to our dashboard or create reports. You can see expenditures across your organization and down to your individual team members. You can also get a high-level overview of your organization’s performance against KPIs.

Turn surprise overspend into history: Budget control leads to increased cost awareness among your team members.

Highlighted budget control features


Real-time insight

Real-time information enables your budget owners to make informed decisions.

Actual information

When they approve transactions, they always see exactly how much remains in the budget.


Budget import

You can upload budgets from Excel or your ERP system, or create them in GO-Spend.

Insight per budget

Once you create them, you can always see how much is spent and committed in any way (sourced, contracted or already invoiced).



Budget reports are available in GO-Spend at any given moment, not just at the end of the month.

In control

With this level of visibility, unexpected overspend belongs to the past.

Over 200 organizations use GO-Spend to automate their procure-to-pay process.


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    GO-Spend is the complete procure-to-pay application for financial and purchasing departments.

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    Budget control

    Get instant insight and tight control of your budget. Track available funds and make informed decisions on every order, contract and invoice reviewed for approval.


    Contract management

    Automate and control your business functions like contract registration, approval, renewal, and more. Gain a central overview of all your business commitments.


    Purchase management

    Structure your procurement workflow and secure it with controls for every purchase. Automate creation, approval and release of purchase orders. Pay your suppliers. Gain insight from spend reports.


    Invoice processing

    Save time and increase accuracy with automation of your tasks like receiving, posting, and routing invoices for approval.


    Invoice matching

    Ensure invoice entry with minimal human intervention. Automatically match your invoices with corresponding deliveries, purchase orders, and contracts. Send any mismatches to owners of POs for review and correction.

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    "Digitalizing the entire process from budgeting to payment made all involved aware of the possible gains: efficiency and a reliable process across the whole of Sysmex."
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