Checklist registration and completion with GO-Check

Manage key events in your business. Set them up in GO-Check and it makes sure the people responsible follow through. Consider just two examples: Your human resources department has a number of important actions to take when a person joins or leaves the company. Your administrators need to keep up with certain tasks to make sure you can generate reliable reports from monthly and quarterly closings. It’s easy to miss something. With GO-Check, no one forgets a critical step.

Define who’s accountable, who’s responsible

Whether a checklist is simple or complex, each action in it has a person accountable and a person responsible. Set up these duties within each checklist item. Guarantee the person accountable sees that the person responsible completes the task. Make last-minute changes to the checks that need performing. Even decide to skip or add specific checks during a cycle. If failure to complete a task could put your job at risk, you need to verify that everyone follows procedure step by step.


Structure your checklist set-up and execution

On your own, you can create a straightforward, one-dimension checklist in minutes. Complex, multi-dimensional checklist structures are another matter entirely. With GO-Check, you build them quickly and easily.

Take HR as an example. GO-Check makes it easy to define departmental branches in a checklist for people who start working for your company. A task to enter new employees into the compensation system goes into the worklist of the person responsible for payroll set-up. The people who furnish the IT requirements of new hires get that task in their worklists.

GO-Check groups related tasks, making them easy to track and control.

Schedule checklist execution

Some checklists must run every month or quarter, others only occasionally. Set the date, set the interval and never forget the period closing. No automatic trigger? Find the checklist via the description, department or accountable person and activate it with the touch of a button.


Map progress and an audit trail of execution

Sometimes forgetting a simple check during a workflow can lead to disaster, financial, legal or otherwise. And sometimes you have to demonstrate that you followed every step.

GO-Check saves your process history for every run of the checklist. You can add other proofs in the form of screenshots, emails, documents and other media with our integrated document management.

Generate reports for external stakeholders

Certain checklists may be relevant only for internal people. For others, your external stakeholders — accountants, tax authorities or customers — may want to see the checks you have in place to secure an essential workflow.

Generate a report of the checklist structure. Show how following the checklist controlled a workflow at any given moment. No more sleepless nights. You’re in control.

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