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Ton Stigter

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The challenge

The Solution

Due to the unique way of work at Adecco Group Nederland, the many subsidiaries and different accounting packages, the only right solution was a customized one.

The invoice processing is now digitized in GO-Spend, the standard invoice processing app from WorkFlowWise. Because the WorkFlowWise platform is fully configurable, Adecco works with a customized solution that is effortlessly integrated with all existing systems.

The result is a digitized and automated invoice processing that does not discriminate between the different accounting packages used by local branches. Moreover, Adecco still works as before. It is just much more structured.

"Previously, the approval process took four weeks. Now the entire process is completed within 14 days - a great efficiency improvement for us."

The pros

Adecco Group Nederland about WorkFlowWise: “They understand us.”

The automation of invoice processing at Adecco Group Nederland (AGN) is tailor-made, due to its own unique work method and multiple existing accounting packages. A nice challenge with an even better result, says Ton Stigter, Manager Accounts Payable at AGN: "We have made enormous time savings."

A few years ago, invoice processing at AGN was usually done by mail, Stigter explains. "We worked with a transaction number that we stapled on invoices, we provided the supplier number and total amount and based on this the invoice was coded. At the end of each day we then booked all the invoices in our financial software, and then the approval process began."

Logistical challenge
The approval process involved quite a lot of effort, considering that AGN has several branches where the invoices distributed to by mail from the head office. Once arrived at the right location, the approval process also had several, reasonably time-consuming, phases. "And besides, we also had to deal with lost invoices due to the large amount of paperwork."

Mutual understanding
After a while, although switching to mail and scanning invoices, when the amount of incoming invoices suddenly took a huge flight towards the end of the financial crisis, AGN knew it was time for the next digital transformation. WorkFlowWise turned out to be the right partner because of the flexibility in the service, says Stigter. "The system that we used was not standard and needed an extension. WorkFlowWise understood that immediately and was able to offer us the customization we needed with a variation on GO-Spend. We also have several subsidiaries within AGN that use different accounting software, with which WorkFlowWise got along well."

Efficiency & time-saving
Right after the go-live in June 2017, Stigter noticed a pleasant improvement in the average turnaround time. "Previously, we needed four weeks for approval. Now the entire approval process is completed within 14 days - a great efficiency improvement for us."

AGN can pay more attention to the information on the invoices themselves. "We have more time to better regulate the digitization and desire for additional information and to coordinate it with our suppliers, such as the start and end date of a license, type of costs and a deeper level of costs. A welcome relief, as we have many client-specific processes and many cost centers, so there are numerous exceptions."

More automation
In addition to invoice processing, AGN is also busy automating expenses and credit cards. "It is nice that WorkFlowWise continuously thinks along with us. We present our ideas to them, they study how our wishes can be fitted into the best solutions. They understand the structure of our systems, which is a big advantage."

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