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Michael Watson

Michael Watson

Head of administration


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The challenge

Processing 500 invoices weekly manually resulted in a mountain of paper and inefficient workflows that forced the administration to do double work.

The Solution

The entire process is now automated and paperless with our GO-Spend application. OCR technology results in faster invoice processing with a much lower margin of error. The solution is integrated with SAP.

Gain control over enterprise expenses with GO-Spend.
The purchase-to-pay application for finance and purchase professionals.

The pros

Reference case Hilton Food Group.


Hilton Meats Zaandam, part of Hilton Food Group Plc. (HFG.L), processes the incoming invoices with GO-Spend since 2013. Hilton Meats Zaandam supplies and packages fresh meat for supermarkets. The factory in Zaandam employs about 600 people, including 30 active users of GO-Spend.

Michael Watson, Head of Financial Accounting at Hilton Meats Zaandam, talks enthusiastically about his experience with the use of the software and the project approach of WorkFlowWise.

We were more of a print shop than a financial administration

Michael Watson says: “We process 500 invoices weekly; 300 cost invoices and 200 goods invoices. Many companies already send their invoices digitally as a PDF via email, but before GO-Spend even those had to be printed. With such large numbers, we felt more like a print shop than a financial administration.”

Upon arrival, invoices were sorted by type and accompanied by an identification code written on a note. The next step was to retype the invoice in SAP. Goods invoices had an additional step even, because these needed to be matched semi-automatically with the purchase order in SAP.

After booking of invoices in SAP, they were placed in physical mailboxes for approval by the appropriate employee or manager.

Watson: "The paper process was inefficient because of the many manual actions and duplicate data entries, including coding and booking in SAP.

Some invoices had to pass four employees for approval, so it wasn’t unthinkable that they got lost sometimes. The whereabouts of invoices was frequently unclear. In those cases, we were back to square one with the printing of the same documents.

Efficient invoice processing with GO-Spend

Due to GO-Spend paperwork is gone, and unnecessary actions are eliminated. Invoices no longer get lost and there is full understanding of the status of an invoice.

Hilton Meats Zaandam processes invoices with a large quantity of invoice lines. To match these invoices more efficiently with the PO’s and receipts from SAP, GO-Spend uses OCR technology from ReadSoft.

Incoming invoices are scanned, whereby data is read of the invoice on header and line level. The match of the invoice with the order and receipt will then be automatically done by GO-Spend.

The system detects automatically whether there are differences in price, number or additional costs. These deviations are circulated for authorization. Invoices that completely match with the PO and receipt are immediately booked in SAP without further approval.

Invoices that are not matched with PO’s and receipts or that have a mismatch are immediately after coding registered in SAP. After the invoice has been approved by everyone, it is released for payment. says Watson.

Watson: “GO-Spend is an easy to use system for both our accounts payable employees as well as approving staff. Over 80% of invoices are immediately well-read and automatically matched. In addition, the better the scanner, the better the quality of the data recognition.”

Outline the right expectations throughout the organization with automating

An appeal is made to the ICT skills of accounting staff, so the adoption of a new way of working is crucial for the successful implementation of an IT system.

“The most satisfied users are the users who see the most value in the efficient processing of incoming invoices. We have managers who can now approve invoices on their way to other locations as long as they have an Internet connection. Also, those previously occupied with encoding the invoices are very glad that there is less printing and no more double entry work,” Watson explains.

Michael advises to think carefully about the current process, how you want to automate this process and why. “At the end of the day, the system is just as smart as the people who have to use it,” Watson says, laughing.

Other than in Zaandam, Hilton Meats uses GO-Spend for their locations in Ireland, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

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