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Jan de Witte

Jan de Witte

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The challenge

“K” Line needed a solution to automate the entire purchase-to-pay process and integrate it with the complex transport system.

The Solution

GO-Spend verifies all information about receiving and sending goods, including individual tariff agreements. The application only approves payments when everything checks.

GO-Spend intergrates with Exact Globe for the financial administration and transport system Modality. 

Gain control over enterprise expenses with GO-Spend. The purchase-to-pay application for finance and purchase professionals.

The pros

Reference case "K" Line

At “K” Line, one of the world’s largest transportation companies, purchasing and invoicing link closely to its transport system. The European offices are responsible for all the company’s transport business in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa. “K” Line and WorkFlowWise have worked together since 2001. At that time, “K” Line recognized the need for an automated solution for the entire purchase-to-pay process, a solution that would integrate with the transport system.

Jan de Witte, general manager and financial controller of “K” Line in the Netherlands, is particularly pleased with the integration of the transport system. That system lists all expected costs per transportation assignment in a so-called shipping contract. GO-Spend imports these shipping contracts as purchase orders. De Witte says, “By matching invoices to the figures in the shipping contract, GO-Spend can quickly compare the actual and the expected costs.”

Reverse billing

“We now have a strong grip on our purchasing and invoicing thanks to the automation,” De Witte continues. “All our tariff agreements are registered in the transport system. Since the integration, GO-Spend imports every shipping contract for cross-referencing.

“After we complete a shipment, we send an invoicing proposal to the carrier; we consider it reserved billing. When the carrier confirms the invoice proposal, it sends us an actual invoice with the agreed amount. As a shipping company, we don’t receive goods, but we do digitally scan the accepted invoice proposal into GO-Spend receipt registration. The application considers the accepted proposal as a receipt. This is the way we organized three-way matching for our transportation business.

“When the invoice arrives it is compared with the shipping contract (the obligation) and the approved invoice proposal (the receipt). If they match, the invoice is booked into the financial system and will be added to the payment batch,” explains De Witte.

Process control

“We’re happy that WorkFlowWise included much of our advice in the GO-Spend application. We are extremely satisfied and will soon link a global operational package to the purchase-to-pay application. Our European head offices in London and Ipswich also use GO-Spend.”

De Witte concludes, “WorkFlowWise is a good partner for us. Working together offers us the possibility of optimizing internal control. And no less important: we can save a lot on manpower.”

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