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Klaas Huijgen

Klaas Huijgen

Director finance


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The challenge

Team members had to process paper invoices by hand. They lost time on slow, tedious tasks like finding the current payment status of invoices and updating budgets.

The Solution

Kennedy Van der Laan needed a paperless workflow to automate the way they were used to working. Since the firm digitized the process with GO-Spend, its budgets are always up to date. Anyone can look up the status of an invoice quickly without bothering a colleague.

Gain control over enterprise expenses with GO-Spend. The purchase-to-pay application for finance and purchase professionals.

The pros

Reference case Kennedy van der Laan.


Kennedy Van der Laan is an ambitious, independent legal and notarial firm. It serves the full spectrum of organizations from start-ups to multinationals, plus housing associations and local and national governments.

With about a hundred legal professionals, Kennedy Van der Laan is among the top twenty independent law firms in the Netherlands. The company has been using WorkFlowWise GO-Spend since 2010.

Klaas Huijgen, finance director at Kennedy Van der Laan, describes the experience of working with a supplier specialized in workflow automation:

“GO-Spend is clear and easy to understand. Cooperation among WorkFlowWise, the expert at our practice-management software vendor Aderant, and our internal project manager made the project successful. The WorkFlowWise consultant worked on-site with us during most of the implementation. He assured that the project was completed within the budget and the time period agreed in the contract."

No more needless running around

“The biggest advantages of GO-Spend are the efficiency gain and completeness of financial records,” says Huijgen, “An added bonus is the reduced environmental impact in the paperless office that we strive for.

“Before GO-Spend, tracking an invoice was inconvenient and time-consuming. You had to go to the archive, where a colleague had to look up the invoice copy. Now I can produce the invoice on my screen within seconds. GO-Spend saves time and closet space!”

Transparent processes under control

“Transparency is another big advantage of GO-Spend. You can immediately see where in the workflow an invoice is and who has it. Previously we had to make phone calls to get this information."

“Thanks to GO-Spend, we can send suppliers to their appropriate contact within our firm. Costs are instantly visible and the budget is always up to date. In the past, we saw expenses only when they were booked. Now GO-Spend updates the residual budget right after approval of an invoice.

“We’ve configured the GO-Spend module for procurement management and plan to start using it soon. We’re also interested in the electronic-invoicing module.

“Purchasing is already completely paperless and we intend to achieve the same for sales. In doing so, we are dependent on the suppliers. Large enterprises, such as Nike and Microsoft, have their own systems, but smaller companies haven’t made the transition yet. That's a pity, because it would save everybody a lot of time.”

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