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Maarten Ruijs

Maarten Ruijs

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The challenge

Sdu Uitgevers wanted more insight to manage the financial obligations of the purchasing process better, while keeping the workflow as uncomplicated as possible.

The Solution

A cross-functional project team at Sdu Uitgevers selected GO-Spend because of its flexibility. WorkFlowWise adapted GO-Spend to the exact needs of Sdu, especially alignment with the creative process that its team members rely on. Automation empowered the company to improve control and speed.

Gain control over enterprise expenses with GO-Spend. The purchase-to-pay application for finance and purchase professionals.

The pros

Reference case SDU Uitgevers


As a multimedia publisher of professional information, Sdu Uitgevers provides essential, job-specific information to its customers. With more than 500 employees working on over 3,000 publications a year, controlling the procurement workflow presented a major challenge.

Sdu Uitgevers operates with four procurement types: manufacturing, marketing, editorial office, and projects. Nearly every team member does procurement at least occasionally. Purchases can be anything from a picture or article to a convention hall or campaign website.

Maarten Ruijs, financial manager at Sdu Uitgevers, describes the situation:

“Our financial department wanted more insight into the administration of our financial commitments. Knowing exactly what invoices to expect would help us manage our financial obligations more effectively. We needed the workflows to be as flexible as possible so they wouldn’t disturb the creative thinking that most of our employees rely on. WorkFlowWise adapted our workflows in GO-Spend to meet our particular needs precisely.”

From business requirements to software solution

“We assembled a cross-functional project team to select a supplier. Marketers and editors came from one side of the business to join people from the IT and finance departments, including the CFO. This cross-section of the organization enabled us to win broad support for our final choice.

“WorkFlowWise came out on top. They scored highest on the RFI requirements and really stood out on the soft factors: They showed genuine understanding of the situation at Sdu and dared to think about a pragmatic implementation of the project.”

Wins in speed, transparency and control

Sdu realized a number of benefits from the implementation of GO-Spend:

Team members can work much faster now that they have a mandate to purchase and approve invoices within their prescribed budgets. In addition, the automation of the purchase-to-pay process simplifies finding an invoice or purchase order. The production and marketing departments benefit most from improved insights into the volume of their business with suppliers.

Ruijs says, “We have achieved substantial gains from these improvements. With the fulfillment of contracts made transparent by GO-Spend, it is much easier to monitor our business with suppliers.”

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