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Ruud Janssen

Ruud Janssen

EMEA project manager


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The challenge

The procurement process was slow, prone to error and not clearly defined with the four business units.

The Solution

Due to the complexity of the process an end-to-end purchase-to-pay solution was integrated with the ERP system. GO-Spend cut down time, errors, and introduced a single way of work for all business units.


Gain control over enterprise expenses with GO-Spend. The purchase-to-pay application for finance and purchase professionals.

The pros

Reference case Sysmex

Before the implementation of GO-Spend, all departments within Sysmex Benelux, supplier of medical and analytical equipment, had manually request purchases (via a PO request form) and process and approve purchase invoices. It was tedious, time-consuming, and purchase & invoice status or whereabouts was not always entirely clear. The process had to be professionalized and GO-Spend proved to be the ideal solution for Sysmex in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ruud Janssen, EMEA Project Manager, explains: “We thought we had enough oversight with the paper-based process, but the purchasing and invoice processing on paper was far from optimal. The procurement process and the associated handling of the invoices was slow. There was no clearly defined process within our four business units and the workload for getting all the relevant documents to get one invoice had to be eased."

Because of the many paperwork Sysmex had no visibility on the status of individual invoices. Often purchase orders to suppliers were sent without the proper approvals by the Board. The procurement process, from order to finish, had to change.

Scanning & recognition is not the singular solution

Sysmex hoped to solve the issues by scanning and recognizing invoices. Later insights learned that the complexity and large number of invoices called for a simplified solution that could actually turn this tedious process into a profitable one. And also took into account the purchasing process.

“A joint analysis between the Projects and Administration departments taught that segregation of duties and budget control were essential elements for the professionalization of the procurement process,” says Janssen. Sysmex therefore revised the requirements of the project, to better match their needs and included automation of the procurement process.

The final choice fell on the entire purchase-to-pay solution of GO-Spend, coupled with AMF Business Software by Micro Sign. "The combination GO-Spend and AMF fits well with us," concludes Janssen.

When Sysmex Benelux moved to SAP ERP 6.0 in 2014, GO-Spend was integrated with the SAP system.

Payment run preparation from two afternoons reduced to only one hour

The digitization of the entire process from purchase to payment made Sysmex aware of the achievable benefits, such as the efficiency and process reliability gains – Which includes the company’s foreign branches. All business units now have direct insight into the current budget, and a reduction in the margin of error of encoding of invoices was realized. Segregation of duties for ordering and approving also makes the entire process audit proof.

“We are now able to have the entire payment batch ready in one hour. In the past it sometimes took two afternoons,” Janssen says with a big smile.

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