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Dennis van Oostenrijk

Dennis van Oostenrijk

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The challenge

Invoices got lost in the massive paper mill. The status of invoices and payments was not clear without manual digging for information.

The Solution

An automated, paperless process resulted in simplified procedures and clearer visibility of the status of invoices and payments. Since GO-Spend is web-based, budget holders can access it wherever they are with a simple internet connection, speeding up the approval process significantly


Gain control over enterprise expenses with GO-Spend. The purchase-to-pay application for finance and purchase professionals.

The pros

Reference case WTH Floorheating

WTH Floorheating leads the market for underfloor heating in the Netherlands. A large company that processed paper invoices manually, WTH found itself with a massive paper mill. They needed a more logical approach that would do away with the clutter.

Application manager Dennis van Oostenrijk is excited about the company’s decision to work with GO-Spend. He says, “Invoices wandered around everywhere, until we started using GO-Spend in 2007. Never an invoice lost again, thanks to the digital archive in the software. The procedures are clear and the staff is now much more aware of the status of invoices. An enormous move forward.”

Efficient workflow

The office in Dordrecht handled the records, with seven people in financial administration. Van Oostenrijk remembers the launch of GO-Spend well: "We needed to get rid of the paperwork. We also wanted to simplify the coding of invoices.

“Now the OCR – optical character recognition – in GO-Spend automatically recognizes the invoice date, delivery date, amount, payment date and much more. Invoices go straight into the digital archive where we can always trace them.”

“On receiving an invoice, GO-Spend scans and immediately forwards it internally for approval. Budget holders are more often on the road than in the office. That used to slow down the workflow. But because the application is web-based, they can now access and approve an invoice wherever they are. This speeds up the process significantly,” explains Van Oostenrijk.

Fast closure and reporting

WTH achieves quicker end-of-month closing and reporting as well. “We know exactly what invoices are outstanding. With the period-close functionality, we can create an accrual for all invoices still en route for approval,” according to Van Oostenrijk.

He also values help and advice from WorkFlowWise. “The implementation went very well. The supplier’s in-house consultant spent two days a week at our office for three months. He helped us establish proper procedures and mandates. Right after the set-up, we could actually go to work with the solution. The helpdesk is effective and always readily available, though we rarely need it.

“WorkFlowWise is an example of the digital future. A must for everyone.”

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