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Robotic Accounting - Accounting in the 21st Century

Robotic Accounting: What is it and what does it do for the Financial? This white paper explains how you get there and why it is worth your time. Did you know that one person can process up to 200,000 invoices annually? That is Robotic Accounting.

Free Robotic Accounting white paper

White Paper

Invoice Processing 2.0

Modern invoice processing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The multitude of applications in the market today approach invoicing in a variety of ways. This simple white paper takes a low-level approach to explain exactly the capabilities of a modern invoice processing application.

Process invoices up to 99% automatically

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Azure Partner Datasheet

Our smart, flexible, and cost-effective apps and solutions are powered by Microsoft Azure. Read more about our partnership and learn why WorkFlowWise chose for Microsoft Azure as a reliable and future-proof foundation.

Here is the Microsoft datasheet

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Azure Partner Mini Case Study

With Microsoft Azure we have built a secure, scalable, and reliable aPaaS that takes workflow automation to a whole new level of unlocking digital advantage for our customers. Azure allows easy worldwide distribution of our software.

Microsoft Azure Partner Mini Case Study