Submit receipts and distance travelled with the mobile app

Your staff doesn’t have to turn in paper receipts anymore, and your finance team doesn’t have to handle them.

Thanks to our mobile app — for iOS & Android — your team members can easily submit receipts and distance travelled for reimbursement. They take a picture of the receipt, indicate the costs incurred, and the app does the rest.

The submitted receipts go into the expense report with the miles or kilometers travelled. After a week, a month or a trip, at their convenience, employees can submit their expense reports.


Set up your employee expense claim policy

During implementation, you can easily set up employee expense management regulations per type of claim. These can include maximum reimbursements, private dues or allowances for certain types of claims, and other factors your organization may require. If a receipt doesn’t fit the policy — for example, a claim for a lunch is too high — it shows up clearly in the expense report. An employee can then decide what to do and even ask within the app for reimbursement of a claim above the usual limit. At approval time, the employee’s manager sees the special request in a different color.

Auto-complete financial registration

Because each team member links to a cost center in GO-Expense, the app automatically charges the expenses to the appropriate cost center. It also fills the ledger account based on the type of expense (lunch, travel, parking fees, etc.). GO-Spend completes the financial registration according to the choices the applicant makes in the claim form.


Verify financial registration, approve and pay claims

Verify financial registration The submitted expense claim report goes through the workflow to the administration team. Team members check for the correct financial registration, VAT or sales tax reclamation and any other factor your organization may require. After admin approval, the claim goes to the responsible manager for approval.

Approve claims

In a simple overview, managers see what each of their staff members have claimed in a given period. They can easily see a special request for a payout of larger amounts and authorize or reject these exceptions to the usual limits.

Pay claims

Approved expense claim reports are automatically exported to the financial system for reimbursement to the employee.

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