Seamless integration between Aderant and GO-Spend.
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The interface transfers invoices from GO-Spend to Aderant software. For every invoice, you know immediately whether the process has been successful.

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In partnership

We created the integration between Aderant and GO-Spend in close collaboration with Timesoft. WorkFlowWise assures the first line of support for the integration.

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Rest assured that the integration will remain stable with updates and upgrades to Aderant.

Integration with Aderant

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The integration between GO-Spend and Aderant uses a direct interface at the database level. Database integration exchanges data between the two applications in the most direct way possible.

The routines that manage invoices in Aderant ensure accurate processing. GO-Spend and Aderant exchange master data on lines of business, departments and suppliers.  

Peace of mind about updates and upgrades

With updates and upgrades of Aderant, the interface remains stable. You can depend on the continuing functionality of the integration. If adjustments to the interface become necessary, your integration-maintenance contract assures you that we will make them.

Correct entries. Automated.

GO-Spend extracts master data from your administration and accounts-payable information in Aderant. After processing, the data automatically goes back to Aderant. Duplication of data entry is impossible. Smart-entry templates in GO-Spend and standardized integration of electronic invoices (UBL) largely eliminate manual data entry.

Optionally, you can split an invoice over multiple periods and process all open invoices at the end of the month before generating the monthly report.

Integrated booking

The interface controls the transfer of journal entries from GO-Spend to Aderant. It executes all the checks your accounting team would otherwise have to do manually in Aderant.

GO-Spend knows immediately after presenting an invoice entry whether it has arrived correctly in Aderant. If Aderant does not receive the invoice, GO-Spend automatically presents it again.

Automatic payments check

At the end of the workflow, GO-Spend checks the invoices it holds against the payment proposal in Aderant. Because of this verification, you can get rid of stacks of paper invoices and printed lists with check marks and initials. The additional check by the application makes the payment process more reliable with less effort.

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