AFAS Profit and Online

Seamless integration with both Afas Profit and Online.
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From ready-made apps to bespoke development solutions and dashboards, all working on a core platform that can be used to build capabilities for others

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From ready-made apps to bespoke development solutions and dashboards.

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Secure & stable

From ready-made apps to bespoke development solutions and dashboards, all working on a core platform.

Integration with Afas Profit and Online.

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WorkFlowWise is certified add-on partner of AFAS. That means we can promise you, an AFAS user, a fully functional, stable interface.

The integration between GO-Spend and AFAS uses the Get and Update Connectors from AFAS. The two applications exchange data through these connectors in a familiar, AFAS-controlled manner.

Peace of mind about updates and upgrades

With updates and upgrades of AFAS, the integration based on the Get and Update Connectors remains stable. You can depend on the continuing functionality of the integration. In case adjustments to the interface become necessary, your integration-maintenance contract guarantees that we will make them for you.

The correct entries. Automated.

GO-Spend extracts master data from your administration and accounts-payable information in AFAS. After processing, the data automatically goes back to AFAS. Duplication of data entry is impossible.

Invoice receipt overview

The interface sends feedback to GO-Spend, indicating whether an invoice arrived correctly in AFAS. If AFAS does not receive an invoice, GO-Spend automatically presents it again, potentially after an administrator corrects it.

Invoices On Demand from AFAS

You can extract invoice images from the entries in AFAS. You can see right away what booking rules apply.

Automatic payments check

At the end of the workflow, GO-Spend checks the invoices it holds against the payment batch in AFAS. This verification enables you to get rid of stacks of paper invoices and printed lists with check marks and initials. The additional check by the application makes the payment process more reliable with less effort.

#To create the interface, you need the AFAS Get and Update Connectors readily available in AFAS. 

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