Exact Financials

Standardized webservices interface between Exact Financials and GO-Spend.

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When Exact updates or upgrades its Financials product, the integration remains stable. When new versions become available, the interface stays compatible.

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WorkFlowWise is a certified add-on partner of Exact. That guarantees to you our detailed knowledge of the Exact product lines and our access to their Web-services software.

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The two applications exchange data via the Exact Financials Web-services interface.

Interface with Exact Financials

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How it works:

Peace of mind about updates and upgrades With updates and upgrades of Exact Financials, the Web-services integration remains stable. This offers you peace of mind about the functional interface. In case adjustments become necessary, your integration-maintenance contract with us assures you they will be ready before you need them.

As an Exact development partner, we have direct access to the Exact roadmap, software and test licenses to make these adjustments.

Accurate data entry

GO-Spend extracts supplier and chart-of-accounts master data from your administration in Exact Financials. It then automates the appropriate purchase-invoice entries and transfers them to Exact Financials. There can be no duplication of entry data.

Smart-entry templates for purchase invoices in GO-Spend and standardized integration of electronic invoices (UBL) largely enable you to avoid manual data entry.

Controlled entry sequence

All journal entries transfer under control from GO-Spend to Exact Financials. If Exact Financials does not receive an invoice, the interface sends a functional message to the integration administrator. The message indicates the reason the booking did not succeed.

By changing the booking in GO-Spend or re-opening the project or cost center in Exact Financials, the administrator can correct the entry so Exact Financials will accept it. GO-Spend automatically presents the booking to Exact Financials again in the next booking sequence. Entries never get lost.

Automatic payments check

At the end of the process, GO-Spend checks payments before they go out. It compares the payment advice list in Exact Financials with the invoices in GO-Spend. It also verifies the bank account, the correct approvals, the payment amount and the lack of any double payments, all to help prevent possible mistakes.

This authentication makes your payment workflow more reliable with less work than stacks of paper invoices and printed lists to check and initial.

The Web-services interface is necessary for this integration. Ask your Exact reseller whether your license includes it.

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