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Intergration between Exact Globe and GO-Spend based on the Exact Software Development Kit (SDK).

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When Exact updates or upgrades Exact Globe, the Exact software development kit (SDK) ensures the stability of the integration.

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WorkFlowWise is a certified add-on partner of Exact. That offers assurance to you as an Exact Globe user that the integration is future proof.

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The interface between Exact Globe and GO-Spend ensures the correct data exchange between the two applications. Your invoices will always book accurately.

Integration with Exact Globe

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How it works:

With updates and upgrades of Exact Globe, the SDK integration remains stable. This gives you peace of mind about the functional interface. In case adjustments become necessary, your integration-maintenance contract with us ensures they will be ready before you need them.

Accurate data entry

GO-Spend extracts master data from your administration and accounts payable in Exact Globe and automates invoice entries. After approval, invoice postings transfer to Exact Globe, ensuring there are no duplicate entries.

Receipt verification

Integration feedback from SDK to GO-Spend shows whether an invoice has arrived in Exact Globe. If Exact Globe has not received it, the interface sends a functional message to the integration administrator. The notice indicates why Exact Globe did not accept the invoice and how to correct it. After correction, GO-Spend automatically presents the invoice to Exact Globe again.

Automatic payments check

At the end of processing, GO-Spend checks the invoices it holds against the payment batch in Exact Globe. It also validates the bank account, the correct approvals, the payment amount and the lack of any double payments to prevent possible mistakes. This verification makes your payment workflow more reliable with less work than stacks of paper invoices and printed lists your team members have to check and initial.

Extractable invoices

You can extract invoices from bookings in Exact Globe. You have the option to split invoices over several billing periods.

To activate the integration, you need the SDK module of Exact Globe. Ask your Exact reseller whether your license includes this module.

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