Exact Online

Standardized webservices interface between Exact Online and GO-Spend.

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Using the latest Exact Online interface technologies, GO-Spend fully supports Exact-standard invoice delivery.

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The integration between Exact Online and GO-Spend is automatically activated during the set-up process. You can start processing purchase invoices right away.

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With our maintenance contract we guarantee continuing integration of WorkFlowWise as Exact updates and upgrades its Online product.

Interface with Exact online

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How it works:

Peace of mind about updates and upgrades As new versions of Exact Online become available, Exact installs them automatically. The Web-services integration remains stable. In case adjustments become necessary, your integration-maintenance contract with us ensures they will be ready before you need them.

As an Exact development partner, we have access to the Web-services software. In our test environment, we carry out our own trials.

Accurate data entry

Your Exact Online environment automatically exchanges master data with your GO-Spend environment. This ensures the data on both sides of the interface remain up to date, synchronized, correct and free of double entries. Our fully integrated UBL e-invoice connector keeps manual booking of invoices to a minimum. Thanks to the smart-entry templates in GO-Spend, your invoices almost always book automatically.

Assured entry processing

The structure of the integration enables you to see whether Exact Online correctly processes a booking from GO-Spend. The interface immediately notifies the integration administrator of any discrepancies. Easy-to-understand notices enable the administrator to correct the invoices without assistance from our helpdesk.

GO-Spend automatically presents an invoice again in the next entry sequence. Bookings never get lost.

More than invoice processing

GO-Spend provides an automated and flexible workflow to approve your invoices. It will also handle your purchasing, contracts, and procurement budget. Such comprehensive management of your workflows gives you clear understanding of your expenses and perspective on your organization.

GO-Spend does not integrate with Exact Online Logistics to handle logistics invoices.

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