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Integration between JD Edwards and GO-Spend

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Using the latest stable-interface technologies, GO-Spend fully supports invoices based on JD Edwards standards.

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GO-Spend books invoices in JD Edwards, prepares the advised payment list, then reads the outstanding invoices in a final check. This verification of payment considerably reduces the risk of fraud.

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A maintenance contract guarantees continuing integration between the two applications in line with new JD Edwards releases.

Integration JD Edwards

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WorkFlowWise created a solid integration with JD Edwards. That gives you, the JD Edwards user, the guarantee of a fully functional, stable integration.

JD Edwards EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration structure has various tables which GO-Spend can fill out directly or indirectly (F0101Z1, F5530Z1, F0401Z1, F0411Z1, F0911Z1).

After importing data from JD Edwards, GO-Spend guarantees correct processing by checking the result of the integration via status code in the interface record.

Peace of mind about updates and upgrades

With updates and upgrades of JD Edwards, the EDI tables remain stable. They hardly ever need adjustment. In the rare cases when revision becomes necessary, your integration-maintenance contract assures you that we will make them, in consultation with your JD Edwards partner or competence center.

No double entry

JD Edwards exchanges master data, including purchase orders and receipts, with GO-Spend. This ensures that the information on both sides of the interface is always current. Our fully integrated UBL e-invoice connector keeps manual entry of invoices to a minimum. Forget about double entry of invoices. Your accounting team will probably do no manual entry at all.

Assured entry processing

The structure of the integration enables you to see whether JD Edwards correctly processes a booking from GO-Spend. The interface immediately notifies the integration administrator of any discrepancy. A clear notice enables the administrator to correct the invoice without assistance from our helpdesk.

GO-Spend automatically presents an invoice again in the next entry sequence. Bookings never get lost. 

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