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Seamless integration between MS Dynamics AX and GO-Spend
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By making use of standard interface technology, WorkFlowWise processes invoices with and without a purchase order in full compliance with MS Dynamics AX.

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In cooperation with experienced specialists, WorkFlowWise created an interface specific to MS Dynamics AX. We will work with your MS Dynamics AX partner or expert center to integrate your particular environment with GO-Spend.

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With WorkFlowWise as an external add-on, upgrades of your MS Dynamics AX environment are not complicated with changes in the core of your ERP system.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

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WorkFlowWise created a solid and reliable integration with MS Dynamics AX. That gives you, the MS Dynamics AX user, the guarantee of a fully functional, stable interface.

Application objects

Given the flexibility of MS Dynamics AX, we decided to use the application objects in its MorphX development environment as the basis of the GO-Spend interface. Program routines in these objects can update the MS Dynamics AXenvironment directly, under full control.

Program routines, tables and forms in these objects can update the MS Dynamics AX environment directly in a controlled manner. The interface uses a widely accepted, standard MS Dynamics AXtechnique to send checked entries to MS Dynamics AX. WorkFlowWise collects data from MS Dynamics AXvia read-only Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) for processing in GO-Spend.

Peace of mind about updates and upgrades

With updates and upgrades of MS Dynamics AX, the application objects remain stable. If adjustments become necessary, your integration-maintenance contract assures you that we will make them, in consultation with your MS Dynamics AX partner.

No double entry

Your MS Dynamics AXenvironment exchanges master data, including purchase orders and receipts, with GO-Spend. This ensures that the data on both sides of the interface are always current. Our OCR rules recognition and fully integrated UBL e-invoice connector keep manual entry of invoices to a minimum.

Forget about double entry of invoices. Your team will probably do no manual entry at all.

Assured entry processing

The MS Dynamics AXintegration immediately reports any mismatches to the interface administrator for review and correction. Then the interface automatically presents the invoices again. They cannot get lost.

Outside your ERP

The typical MS Dynamics AX implementation requires partner-specific adjustments. An update can become a major project in itself.

You’ll be pleased to learn, though, that WorkFlowWise has already achieved a full integration with MS Dynamics AX. This gives you another advantage: potential updates of your ERP environment will have only a limited effect on the interface. After the relatively light integration of the application objects, we can quickly see whether the integration is fully functional again, and make further adjustments if needed.

#This integration requires the support of your MS Dynamics AXpartner or competence center. Those experts, working with our integration specialist, will read the application objects and create custom tables for the interface.

Your MS Dynamics AX partner or competence center will also have to assess the functions of the interface in your environment. Together we will integrate our components into your environment.

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