Standard interface between SAP and GO-Spend using iDocs.
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Using the latest stable-interface technologies, WorkFlowWise fully supports SAP-based invoices with and without purchase order.

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In cooperation with experienced specialists, WorkFlowWise created an interface specific to SAP. We will work with your SAP partner or competence center to integrate GO-Spend with your particular environment.

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A maintenance contract guarantees continuing integration between the two applications as SAP releases updates.

The integration between GO-Spend and SAP

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WorkFlowWise created a solid, complete integration with SAP. That guarantees you, an SAP user, a fully functional, stable integration.

The interface between GO-Spend and SAP uses BAPIs and IDOCs from SAP. A universally accepted, standard SAP-interface technique powers the data exchange between GO-Spend and SAP.

Peace of mind about updates and upgrades

With updates and upgrades of SAP, the BAPI and IDOC technology remains stable. If adjustments become necessary, your integration-maintenance contract assures you that we will make them, in consultation with your SAP partner or administrator.

No double entry

GO-Spend works with master data, including purchase orders and receipts, from your SAP environment. Your integration with your ERP application is always current. Our OCR rules recognition and fully integrated UBL e-invoice connector keep manual entry of invoices to a minimum.

Forget about double entry of invoices. Your team will probably do no manual entry at all.

Synchronized entry processing

You can set up the interface to synchronize data in GO-Spend and SAP at various points in the workflow. Imagine to book/enter a not-yet-approved invoice and only release it in SAP after it is released in GO-Spend.

Invoices On Demand from SAP

Entries in GO-Spend remain On Demand in SAP. GO-Spend gives you the option to split invoices over several periods. When you look up a split invoice in the GO-Spend archive, you see the invoice and its complete audit trail.

Automatic payments check

At the end of the invoice-processing workflow, GO-Spend checks the invoices it holds against the payment batch in SAP. This authentication makes your payment workflow more reliable with less work than stacks of paper invoices and printed lists to check and initial. 

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