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Create purchase orders from integrated webshops and hosted catalogs

Your team members simply create purchase orders through a webshop link, a catalog imported via Excel, or an open purchase-order request. After submission, Spend Management sends the PO directly to the appropriate person for approval. Your procurement department no longer needs to get involved with operational purchases. Now it can focus on negotiating more cost-effective purchase agreements.

With webshop integration, the members of your procurement team can link standard-article groups to preferred suppliers. They stay in control of decisions about what to buy from which suppliers. For example, they can set up Spend Management to purchase all office supplies from one contracted webshop.

If you prefer not to integrate webshops or it can not be done, Spend Management can read Excel catalog files imported from suppliers. Your procurement department no longer has to worry about operational purchases: every authorized employee can simply order from the catalog.


Free text request

Unstructured purchase requests are still quite common. While you can’t get rid of them entirely, in Spend Management you can at least standardize the process for managing them.

In the application, an authorized employee describes the product required, the cost, the cost center to charge, the number needed, and an optional comment. Subject-matter experts review these open purchase requests before they go to budget holders for approval.


PO approval, ordering and spend reporting

After submission, a purchase order goes to the appropriate person for approval or disapproval. If you use the Spend Management module Purchase Management, that person sees the impact of the purchase on the budget before and after approval.

Purchase orders generated from an integrated webshop or a hosted catalog are automatically sent to the supplier. With free text purchase requests, the applicant can generate a PDF order form that Spend Management will send to the supplier.

Spend reports

A spend report shows you in real-time what you’ve bought, the cost of the items, and which vendors received the orders. It gives your procurement team a centralized overview of the decentralized purchase process. The team can see whether certain product groups may justify volume discounts or other cost improvements.


A structured process; purchasing enabled throughout the organization

Purchase Management allows people across your entire organization to buy the things they need, without the procurement department spending much time on operational orders. But procurement maintains a central overview, and Spend Management guarantees that your employees follow purchasing procedures.

Because procurement people are no longer directly involved in operational purchasing, they have time to focus on tactical and strategic procurement.

When your people make purchases, they use product categories to identify what they want. The category determines the procurement workflow, including whether to buy from a preferred supplier, a webshop, or a catalog in the software.

Whatever your policies, Spend Management can support them. For example, you define the value of orders that require more than one bid, and how many bids they require. If a PO doesn’t follow that policy, the buyer automatically gets a warning.

More functionality to benefit from


Purchase types

Purchase types enable the user to choose what type of purchase is being done

Flow in purchases

The purchase type defines the flow of the purchase.


Intergrate webshops via OCI

With the OCI intergration we enable the user to buy at the webshop of their supplier

Transfer order

Your shopping cart will be transferred to the Spend Management environment for approval.


Support purchasing policy

Any purchasing policy is supported by Spend Management.

Usefull notifications

Set requirements for how many quotes are necessary.

Over 200 organizations use WorkFlowWise Spend Management to automate their procure-to-pay process.


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    Invoice Processing

    Save time and increase accuracy with automation of tasks. Automatically match invoices with deliveries, purchase orders, and contracts.

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    Contract Management

    Automate and control your business functions like contract registration, approval, renewal, and more. Gain a central overview of all your business commitments.

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    Purchase Management

    Get instant insight and tight control of the budget. Track available funds and make informed decisions on every order, contract and invoice reviewed for approval.

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    Expense Management

    Simplify claims approval and management. Approved expense claim reports are automatically exported to the financial system for reimbursement to the employee.

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    Workflow Automation

    Turn back office burdens into effective business processes with cloud-based workflow solution.

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