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Get full control of company expenses with the complete procure-to-pay application for finance and purchasing departments.

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Invoice Processing

Save time and increase accuracy with automation of tasks. Automatically match invoices with deliveries, purchase orders, and contracts.

Contract management

Contract management

Automate and control business functions like contract registration, approval, renewal, and more. Gain a central overview of all business commitments.

Purchase management

Purchase management

Get instant insight and tight control of the budget. Track available funds and make informed decisions on every order, contract and invoice reviewed for approval.

WorkFlowWise Spend Management: Expense Management

Expense Management

Simplify claims approval and management. Approved expense claim reports are automatically exported to the financial system for reimbursement to the employee.


Workflow Automation

Turn back office burdens into effective business processes with cloud-based workflow solution.


Save time and money
Automate simple tasks that waste your time

Reduce the number of repetitive tasks that must go through your hands or anyone else’s, from mundane functions to end-to-end customer-value chains.

It is easy to under-appreciate the impact of back-office and other administrative workflows.

Recognize them as efficiency enablers, not overheads and burdens. Capture data throughout your workflows. By tapping into it, you gain insight, foresight, and hindsight that enable you to take appropriate and timely action.

You need to be able to focus on what matters most to your organization, so stop wasting your time on tasks that should not require your attention.

With peace of mind from knowing your operational workflows are running smoothly and efficiently, you get the freedom to attend to your real priorities.


Simplify procure-to-pay control and compliance

Complying with procedures and controlling of processes have never been easier. Rely on Spend Management for a high standard of control.

Workflow automation includes instructions and controls for every transaction. You don’t have to do the tedious work of checking them.

When you receive a transaction for approval, it comes with all the information you need for your review and decision.

Because the app strictly controls the purchase workflow, your team members can do their own operational buying. Due to automation they always follow the applicable procedures. Automation ensures that the people who manage procurement stay in control of what people buy and from which suppliers.

But your procurement team no longer needs to oversee purchasing. They are free to focus on negotiating more cost-effective supply agreements for the company.


Gain control over enterprise spending with spend management software

Real-time insight into the budget shows you expenditures across your organization or down to your individual team members.

With every order, contract and invoice your budget holders receive for approval, they see the available funds and the impact on the budget. Not just at the end of a period in a report, but with every transaction they review.

With this up-to-the-minute information, they can make informed decisions about the budget to use for contracts and purchases, or decide not to go ahead with them. Informed purchasing decisions don’t just help avoid spending too much. They prevent unexpected budget overruns and raise cost awareness across the organization.

WorkFlowWise Spend Management

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