The challenge: Operational chaos

Your organization’s processes run far from smooth. Tasks are distributed manually via email, Skype, or other communication tools, with no way to track progress. This makes follow-ups labor intensive and at times frustrating. Relevant information is unstructured and not easily searchable in an online archive. Perhaps there are no KPI’s in place to manage performance. It boils down to this: In the daily routine, do you need to focus on everything or can you manage exceptions?

Our Solution: Streamlining the business

In our experience a business manager can often draw up the ideal business process in no time. However, finding the right tools to support these business processes proofs to be much more difficult. Especially when no standardized software is available and the trade-off between full customization or a chaotic manual process needs to be made. This is where the WorkFlowWise platform comes into play.

By combining our low-code platform with professional services, your processes are digitized and automated in no time. You can make data-driven decisions with integrated visualizations. All employees will ever see the information they need to know, and when there is a task for them the system will send a notification. Ideally, information flows through the organization without ever congesting a desk, email inbox, or get lost in a chat.

CBRE app

Your workflows automated and optimized

Is it still too vague? Here are some ideas from workflow processes that we have automated before:

  • Buying cars for cash.
  • Employee cash advances.
  • In and outflow of employees.
  • On-the-go (sales) order registration.
  • Project management for property development.
  • Reversed billing for an organization working with independent contractors.

WorkFlowWise FLEX in action

WorkFlowWise FLEX

as basis

Let’s say you manage procurement for your customers. Purchase approvals and budget monitoring are key. You want to show exactly how much of your customer’s budget has been spent and where. The solution we created for CBRE does exactly that.

We automated the flow of purchases and invoices and linked them to defined budgets. CBRE's customers now have a complete overview of all their purchases, invoices and available budget. That’s real transparency.

“CBRE is a market leader and we want to maintain our leading position. That can only happen if we keep innovating. Thanks to WorkFlowWise FLEX, we can." - Johan Bakker, director, project management at CBRE.

CBRE about their custom workflow solution
WorkFlowWise FLEX

as basis

Imagine you act as an agent to agree payment terms between suppliers and customers. You need to ensure the integration of their entire supply chains from purchase to payment. Integration and accuracy are vital to you and to them. Our solution for Indupay meets these critical demands.

We automated the review of orders created in their customer ERP system against the contract terms and conditions negotiated with suppliers by Indupay. The solution also reconciles supplier invoices with POs and receipts. Straight-through processing achieved. Accuracy ensured.

“The application platform of WorkFlowWise is more advanced and flexible than anything else we have seen.” - Christiaan Bik, chief operating officer at Indupay.

Indupay about their custom workflow solution

Maximize your business performance

Do you have a process that is an operational chaos? There is no better time to fix it than today. Let us tackle your challenge and create a workflow that automates your work gives back control to the organization again. The first consulting day is on us, so it’s risk free.


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In one month

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One day to understand your needs, wishes and ambitions. Based on them, we define and present a prototype. Free of charge.

A functional design for the full scope and an operational proof of concept for a specified part of it. You can use and explore it for a month. Fixed price of EUR 9,995.

A fully functional customized workflow solution that delivers what you want. Custom pricing with a strong focus on ROI.

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