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WorkFlowWise Spend Management is a low-code platform built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform. As our customer, you benefit from the security measures Microsoft has put in place.

Microsoft has invested heavily in safeguards and certifications to keep its infrastructure as secure as possible. Measures range from identity security, proactive firewalls, and database backup to anti-malware that guards against threats like DDoS attacks.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services keep your data safe with redundant storage in geographically separate locations.

Microsoft built full backup into the Azure SQL Database app we use to structure information. The server also tracks changes to data entries.

Your internal data could not be more secure.

For more information on Microsoft security measures, see the online trust center The Trusted cloud.

WorkFlowWise layers of protection

In addition to the security Microsoft provides, WorkFlowWise manages its own layers of protection to keep your information safe.

Encrypted connections

Encryption guards all your data communication to and from the cloud.

Encrypted data

All documents and databases on the platform are encrypted. Unauthorized users without access to your application cannot get to the data you keep in it.

Integrated security

Synchronize Microsoft Azure Active Directory with your local AD. As soon as you deactivate people in your directory, they can no longer access your WorkFlowWise environment.

To validate your users, you can choose among integrated security via Microsoft Azure Active Directory, our internal user validation, or user import from your local directory.

Encrypted banking information

If you choose not to encrypt your database, we secure your bank account numbers with an encrypted hash. You can immediately pick up any unauthorized change to your data.

Segregation of duties

With built-in role and authorization functionalities, you can define which users play what part in the application. The app supports segregation of duties: one person verifies the data and another approves it, without the possibility of making changes.

ISAE 3402 Type II certification

The ISEA 3402 Service Organization Control certification is an internationally accepted standard for cloud-solution providers. On December 13, 2018, this certification was first granted to us. If you are interested in this document, please fill in the form below and we will send it to you.

ISAE 3402 Type II

If you are interested in this document, please fill out the form below. We do a qualitative check before we send it out.

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